c bringtofront not working

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I have a winform project with a splash form (as described in the first answer of this question : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/510765/c-winforms-startup-splash .
I am trying to create an MDI Application. I am opening the windows OK (MDI Children). But I don't think I am doing it correctly. Basically, I
I am trying to call a user control from the selection of a box list in my main form. The user control appears but it's in the back of my screen. Here is my code .
I'm upgrading/rewriting an apllication written in VB6 to VB2008. The main form had an outlook-like navigation with a vertical buttonbar in the le
Cursor of the multipleMice (red circle) is staying below window. Example, when i click on start menu, i can't see where my cursor is, because it is below the start .
BringToFront() doesn't work. Get .NET Framework help and support on Bytes Support Forums.
I have a app, it summons child form (modeless), and this child form may summon modal window or OpenFileDlg/SaveFileDlg. When windows explorer (or any other window .
With so many solutions, how can you tell which solutions are most likely to help you and which ones are not? To provide you with a tool to use, we rate our solutions .
I created a numeric textbox and want to implement a custom copy/paste functionality. When override ProcessCmdKey, OnKeyDown or OnKeyPress Ctrl+C is not received .
Hi All, My program contained 2 forms, when i clicked on 1st form the 2nd form will appear.
Implements algorithms oriented mainly towards processing of sequences. Some functions are semantic equivalents or supersets of those found in the header .
and still it wont come to front. I set frmEdit TopMost property to true in designer and removed the top line in c bringtofront not working code above but then it will not set the topmost to .
Best unofficial Apache Server developers c bringtofront not working community . Hi All, I'm trying
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